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Miracle Peel

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Miracle Peel by Perfect Complexion is a replica compound peel that is compared to the vitalize peel sold in many upscale salons and spa. Combining alpha and beta hydroxy acids to rescorcinol and retinoic liposomes this peel will make you believe in skin miracles. Before considering this purchase I want you to read the application recommendation. Remember that I give you the conservative application methods. If you came to my store to have this peel applied you would be here for 1 hour startig with a deep cleansing, a light pre toner to keep the oil shut down. Application sit time for the professional method is alot longer than I am going to instruct to do. Why? Because this peel needs to be respected and used slowly for maximum results. You will have plenty of product to do alot of treatments. If you go slow and build up to a longer sit time you will get amazing results. If you opt to sit with this peel on until your eyes water you will not get maximum results. So please reveiw my suggestions. I do not recommend this for novice users or first timers. 

Due to the intense mix of active ingredients it will cause a very fast drying and drawing of the topmost .01 micron. In most cases this will peel almost instantly or within 24 hours. Miracle Peel may sting during treatment.                                 

Avoid all peels 1-2 weeks prior to your Miracle Peel application.

Avoid eyes and lips but you may go around the lip line perimeter.

Apply to the oily areas first where you have pores and problem areas.

Get a cold wet washcloth at the ready. Using a qtip:  Apply Miracle peel in a light layer onto the T-zone area of your face.  Apply it quickly and don't linger. Leave areas untreated which are called 'comfort zones'.  Comfort zones give your skin flexibility. You can go back and do those areas on your next treatment leaving other spots untreated that were treated today.

If you are stinging alot remove it with your cold wet cloth. You are done. You will wait for 24 hours to see what occurs. You will notice in 10 minutes a tightening effect. If no peeling occurs in 1-2 days begin the treatment again. If you do have peeling do not do another treatment for 5-7 days.

Miracle Peel can be used for Prepping - Peeling - Expediting. If you are slow to peel or not stinging much here is the aesthetic single visit application. Do not use this method unless you have done 1-2 treatments with slow success. This is devised for oily and ethnic skintypes who consider their skin stubborn and thick.

Prep: Apply Miracle peel to oily areas and feather to entire T-zone, jaw, nasal folds and nose tip. Let sit 4 minutes and wipe off with cloth. In 4 minutes Miracle peel has dissolved a micro/micron of the stratum layer. If you did not sting at all then proceed to your application.

Appy: Apply Miracle peel the same way you did your prep. 4 - 10 minutes or until stinging excellerates. If one spots stings, simply swipe that spot off and let the rest sit. Wipe with wet cold cloth.

Expedite- Day 2 to insure peeling begins reapply for 1 minute and then remove. This will dissolve protein bands that act as 'glue' holding dead slough to live growth.

You may edit any of the time constraints to your own specification. Do not let Miracle peel sting to the point of discomfort (burning). Use neosporin if you feel like you went longer than you should have. Your skin will recover quickly!

The miracle peel tends to be a rather rapid exfoliation and one that you can expedite by compressing a warm cloth or even using your ring finger to roll the dead skin off. If you experience any discomfort to the new skin growth that is exposed you should apply neosporin to the area often. The more you apply neosporin the faster you will heal and be able to do another peel. There is no oozing or raw skin that will occur. At worst it would look like a light sunburn and be very sensitive to the touch.

Professionals:  This treatment sells in salons for $150 per application as the vitalize peel. 1 oz. of miracle peel is enough to do over 50 treatments which is $7,500 net revenue.

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